Self-adhesive PVC panels

Self-adhesive PVC panels from the company "Grace" have an adhesive base, thanks to which it is easy to install on the wall.
The feature of the glue is that it does not turn into a solid state after gluing, but remains permanently sticky.

Advantages of the adhesive layer:

  • high initial stickiness;
  • high tear-off strength;
  • high shear strength;
  • excellent elasticity;
  • no smell.

Why should you try self-adhesive PVC panels?

  • require a minimum of tools (scissors, pencil and ruler;
  • easy to install due to evenly applied adhesive on the back of the panel;
  • do not require professional installation skills;
  • easy to clean (with a damp cloth);
  • visually repeat the ceramic tile due to the glossy surface.