'Mosaic' PVC decorative panels combine the practicality and colorful appearance. A rich choice of textures and colors allows you to create a unique interior in the room, kitchen or bathroom.

'Mosaic' plastic panels are manufactured by thermal vacuum molding. This ensures important finishing properties of the material such as moisture resistance, flame retardancy, safety and durability. Another advantage attributes to a lower cost of PVC material, in comparison with such widespread finishing options as tile or sandwich panels. The thickness of sheets varies from 1 to 6 mm depending on the texture. They are very flexible and do not require a perfectly flat surface; they can also conceal minor defects and irregularities of the walls. Installation of PVC panels is extremely simple and is made using such adhesives as: special glue for PVC panels, universal glue or 'liquid nails'.

Due to a number of advantages, modern 'Mosaic' PVC panels successfully replace tiled covering for bathrooms and kitchens. While the mosaic pattern itself allows you to create a familiar and harmonious design, without using expensive materials and time-consuming installation.