Embossed Angles

The area of application of angle profiles includes finishing, repair and construction work.

Classic corners have an angle in ninety degrees and are used for decoration and protection of external joints, closing the gaps between the surfaces. In addition to the above functions, plastic angles also have decorative properties that give the room a finished look.

The dimensions of the embossed angle profiles are: 20х20, 25х25, 30х30, 40х40 mm.


  • Visual dressing of the structural corners their straightening and smoothing;
  • Concealment of the panel joints;
  • Ideal for decorative finishing;
  • Protect the window jambs;
  • Long service life of angles;
  • A wide range of colors will help you to merge the edges of windows and arches, wallpaper and skirting board into a single picture;
  • Painting or additional treatment is not required;
  • Plastic angles are corrosion-resistant and can be easily cleaned;
  • Plastic angle installation is easy.


The wall surface must be flat, dry and clean (without dust), small irregularities (textures of wallpaper, decorative plaster, etc.) up to 1 mm are acceptable.

Use contact adhesive for PVC products (double-sided gluing) to attach the angle.

The glue shall be applied not only on the profile, but also on the wall spot to which the profile is glued.

Use the adhesive compound in accordance with the instructions attached.

Fasten the angle with the masking tape to complete fixation.


Color range

  • 114 Highland Maple
  • 115 Black
  • 125 African Wenge
  • 146 Altai Cedar
  • 152 Scandinavian Oak
  • 177 Comilfo Oak
  • 179 Oriental Oak
  • 101 Cherry
  • 103 Gray
  • 104 Chocolate
  • 110 White
  • 111 Dark Beech
  • 112 Gray Ash
  • 118 Walnut
  • 119 Beige
  • 120 Rustic Oak
  • 123 Golden Oak
  • 124 Amber Oak
  • 130 Noble Beech
  • 140 Cherry Vignola
  • 155 Natural Beech
  • 165 Cognac Oak
  • 176 Wenge
  • 180 Antique Oak